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Braking system is one of the most important elements of active safety of the vehicle. The objective of a wheel brake disk is to dissipate the heat efficiently, reducing wheel rotation energy and decelerating the vehicle.

  • small weight – for a given size and metal strength requirements each disk has the lowest weight possible;

  • high stability – disks retain geometric dimensions, eliminating wobbling and noise even if wear is excessive;

  • resistance to overheating – for ventilated brake disk there is no danger of reducing the decelerating effectiveness after several intensive braking and high heat of disks;

  • strength – due to modified metal structure disks effectively resist significant temperature splits, withstand occurrence of cracks, chipping, etc.

  • careful selection of materials – metal alloy for each installment undergoes micro-structure control and tests of hardness and strength;

  • high quality – each product is tested for compliance with the dimensions and tolerances on the wobbling;

  • good balance – thorough dynamometer tests guarantee minimal wobbling of brake discs;

  • corrosion stability – according to factory test procedure, every disc is to withstand at least 55 hours in salt spray without the occurrence of corrosion.